World’s Fair’s ‘Win4’ Is A Nostalgic Ode To Bodega Runs, Cash Machines, And New York City

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On The World’s Fair’s latest single, “Win4,” members Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware, and Nasty Nigel wax nostalgic about a New York staple. Much like their previous work from their upcoming Fool’s Gold debut album, New Lows, the raucous single “Elvis’ Flowers (On My Grave),” “Win4” pays homage to New York City and its unique landmarks, in this case the corner store bodegas where natives purchase everything from daily necessities to the titular lottery tickets they hope will whisk them into prosperity.

The World’s Fair collective boasts members from a plethora of seemingly disparate heritages and cultures, yet all are united by their upbringing in the borough of Queens. Remy Banks, Jeff Donna, Lansky Jones, Nasty Nigel, Prince SAMO, DJ THOTH, and Cody B. Ware see themselves as the culmination of New York’s melting pot concept, with each bringing a unique perspective to their bombastic, experimental sounds but all united by a common love of the city and goal of pushing the boundaries of hip-hop past its staid origins.

As Jeff Donna puts it, “That six degrees [of separation] was like two degrees for us. We’re the physical embodiment of Queens.”

The World’s Fair is aiming for a late spring or early summer release for New Lows, on which they wish to display their musical growth since 2013’s Bastards Of The Party mixtape.

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