XXXTentacion’s Alleged Altercation With Migos’ Crew Now Has Even More Ruthless Footage

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Video of the alleged #XXXTentacion and #Migos scuffle

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XXXTentacion is known for quite a few things at this point, and very few of them are his music. He fights in the crowd and on stage at his shows, he is an accused batterer of a pregnant woman though he has yet to stand trial for his alleged crimes, and he kind of quit music recently. He did release an album this year, albeit a short one, but that kind of came and went. Still, his latest bit of headline grabbing news may be the most absurd story surrounding the Florida rapper yet.

On Monday, XXX accused Migos of jumping him for unknown reasons, and then went on an odd social media spree that included a crude message to Cardi B, Offset’s fiance. He eventually took it all back and said it wasn’t Migos that jumped him at all, just their friends. Because it’s 2017 and everybody has a high-tech camera in their pockets, footage of the assault was bound to surface, and it finally reportedly did. A short video of one man on top of who we presume is XXX and another hanging over him trying to engage him found its way onto the internet today, and it proves absolutely nothing.

It’s hard to tell if either of the men are any of the three members of Migos, and the only thing that appears to be clear is XXX is on the ground and angry. So, you be the judge. Maybe it’s Quavo and Takeoff, or just some dudes with similar fashion sensibilities and dreadlocks. Unless we get a better angle or Migos actually responds to the allegations, we may never know.

Update: Even more footage of the fight with “Migos” has surfaced.

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