XXXTentacion Waxes Philosophical About Civil Unrest In His Disturbing ‘Look At Me’ Video

Floridian rap provocateur and alleged serial abuser XXXTentacion finally dropped the “Look At Me” video today and it’s full of disturbing imagery and news clips from recent civil unrest, including a re-enactment of the shooting death of Philando Castile by a police officer, intercut with the controversial dash cam footage that originally depicted it.

It’s clear XXXTentacion feels like he has a lot to say about the protests in Ferguson, Missouri over the police killing of Mike Brown that exploded into violence, as well as racially-motivated terror by white supremacists and bigots against Black people over the last half-century. How XXXTen connected these thoughts to a video featuring a dildo-horned unicorn, XXXTentacion and his goons interrupting a boring high school lecture to beat down and terrorize the teacher with said dildos, or really, any of the other, probably-very-offensive imagery in this clip is beyond me.

Also, the creepy hanging video XXXTentacion posted to Instagram that time is explained as well. The video concludes with a spoken word diatribe wherein XXXTentacion waxes philosophical about the nature of free speech, white supremacy, and interracial violence.

XXXTen’s frankly insincere-looking turn toward sociopolitical consciousness will likely do little to quiet the chorus of his detractors, who still demand for him to take responsibility for his alleged violent actions and show accountability for the content of his music.