XXXtentacion Says He’s Had Enough Of The Music Business And Is Ending His $6 Million Deal With Capitol

XXXtentacion says he’s quitting the music business for a while, but we’ve heard that before. The troubled Floridian rapper once again posted a cryptic message to his Instagram, this time to relay that he has ended his rumored $6 million deal with Capitol Records and announce that he won’t be releasing new music for a “very long time.”

“Terminating my deal with ‘Capitol Records,'” he wrote, “I am not a ‘signed’ artist and I will not be releasing music for a very long time.” He concluded, “I’m very tired of this sh*t.”

It’s an unusual move, to say the least. His debut album, 17, despite receiving a lukewarm response from critics, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 200, which is more than respectable for a new artist who received the majority of his buzz from a muddy, lo-fi Soundcloud single that was roundly abused by many as belonging squarely in the “mumble rap” category.

However, it’s perhaps not that unusual, considering XXX is still embroiled in a number of scandals and legal battles, including a pending trial for the repeated abuse of his then-pregnant ex-girlfriend. Furthermore, he can’t seem to stay out of trouble; he’s become more well-known for violent altercations than for any of music, even after he made efforts to rehabilitate his image through charity.

Considering his prior melodramatics on social media, it’s probably best to chalk this one up as another example of a troubled, angry young man who needs counseling more than the financial support of the music career he seems deadset on sabotaging at every turn.