Watch XXXTentacion Rack Up Another L And Get Thrown Into A Barricade During A Recent Concert

Maybe XXXTentacion should consider taking a break from performing live? Just a couple of weeks after getting knocked into another dimension during a concert performance, the Florida rapper took another lump at a show in Seattle last night on his ongoing Revenge Tour.

Two security guards were trying to launch him into the crowd, which is apparently a regular feature of his live shows. They grabbed him by the hands and feet, swinging him back and forth like a hammock and let go. As it turned out, they miscalculated how far the audience was from the stage, and sent XXX straight into the barricade in front of the crowd. The crash looked incredible painful, but the rapper managed to pick himself up and dust himself off like nothing happened.

As for the previous incident where he got knocked out, the man many people believe was responsible for the attack, Rob Stone, spoke out in a recent radio interview. “It’s a city thing,” he explained. Apparently, he was pissed off when one of XXX’s affiliates Ski Mask The Slump God interrupted one of his shows. “The very first show he run out on my set, like the third song, and started like mocking me kinda, pretending to turn up with me,” Stone explained. “Next show, I was like, ‘Yo don’t run on my set. If you gonna come on my set come at the end.’”

You can watch XXX take another hit in the video above.