YG Gets West Coast Love For ‘5 Fingers Of Death’ Freestyle

YG took a trip to Sway’s morning show to participate in Sway’s beloved “Five Fingers of Death” freestyle. The West Coast rapper is fresh off his newest release Still Brazy and, if Twiter can be the judge, he’s scored another great record. DJ Wonder threw YG an oop” by catering to the rapper’s tastes with a freestyle playlist comprised of nothing but West Coast classics. YG rose to the challenge and dunked the freestyle with ferocity.

“Couldn’t split them M’s, cuz that ain’t how it go
Half go to Texas and expenses ain’t low
And after I pay expenses, I gotta pay commission
But you don’t wan’ learn the business cuz you don’t never listen
So…you gotta learn the hard way
Don’t question my loyalty, know i’ll go hard for you all day
Like Y!…who tripping? Get the biscuit, tell ‘em we can squabble in the hallway”

Sway, before the freestyle, shared a story of his loyalty for not disclosing some information regarding YG last summer. “Because I told him I was loyal like that, I figured when I had him back up here he’d have a verse for me.” Given the sheer energy of YG’s performance, Sway should consider the debt paid.

Still Brazy is in stores now with guest features from Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nipsey Hussle.