YG Co-Signs Fellow LA Native The Game In Calling Out Tekashi’ 69’s Gang References

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Controversial Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 69 engaged in a war of words with Game over the weekend, which revolved around Game’s perception that Tekashi is “false-flagging” and exploiting a gang culture as a marketing gimmick. He made several Instagram posts chastising Tekashi and calling him a “good kid” and “fake ass blood” portraying the image of a menacing gang member with songs like “Gummo” and “Billy.” Given that Game is from LA, where the Bloods gang originated, he’s taken particular exception to Tekashi’s presence in the hip-hop landscape. But he’s not alone. YG, who recently released his “Suu Whoop” record, is standing with him.

YG digitally co-signed Game’s verbal assault on Tekashi, commenting on Game’s Instagram posts with an emoji emulating the blood gang sign and noting, “THAT’S OUTT.” YG recently made waves with bars on his recent “Suu Whoop” track, rapping:

“I ain’t with the pink-haired Blood shit (suu whoop)/ I ain’t with the only-at-the-club-Bloodin’ (suu whoo-suu whoop)”

Tekashi doesn’t have pink hair, but his rainbow mane is one of his defining characteristics. Tekashi may be over the conflict, as he’s deleted his posts about Game, but he can’t say he doesn’t know where some of the biggest LA artists stand.