YG Welcomed Some Fans Onstage To Demolish A Donald Trump Pinata

Getty Image

Currently, America is 49 days away from casting their ballots in order to determine who the country’s next elected president will be. Until that day arrives, it looks like YG’s going to continue illustrating who he’s not voting for in hopes that fans follow his lead.

Donald Trump’s been the target of YG’s rhymes ever since the release of his anti-anthem “FDT (F*ck Donald Trump)” with its videos and remixes. At a recent stop on his FDT tour, of course, he invited a few fans to join him on stage in beating a Trump-inspired pinata into a papery pulp.

In the clip, the Still Brazy rapper and a couple of fans take turns pummeling the pinata to the point where its head severs from the body after a few whacks. Not done there, YG hurls the decapitated body into the crowd before rolling into a performance of the song, which was met with full-on energy by the crowd as they chanted the explicit hook to the top of their lungs.


Obviously, “FDT” is no “My President” and it probably won’t make any White House Spotify playlists, but it’s getting the job done and makes for one hell of a celebratory protest song. For all purposes, let’s hope the song can be retired after everyone votes on Tuesday, November 8.