YG And Mike Will Made-It Create A Fire Track Using Von Miller’s Heartbeat For A New Adidas Campaign

NFL linebacker Von Miller’s heartbeat provided the inspiration behind a new collaboration between producer Mike Will Made-It and rapper YG, as part of athletic apparel company Adidas’ Z.N.E. Pulse collection, titled, “Heart Of A Lion.” “Heart Of A Lion” is previewed above with an ad/music video featuring the athlete and the entertainers locked in and working on their respective crafts, with Miller undergoing a brutal cross-training session while Mike Will and YG bang out tracks in the studio. All three sport the Adidas Athletics Pulse Hoodie.

Miller’s training footage proves that no matter how lucky one is, hard work will always trump talent. Mike Will is no stranger to that competitive spirit himself, having put in an impressive showing at Red Bull’s Culture Clash just a few weeks ago, and explained how Miller’s work ethic inspired the creation of “Heart Of A Lion.”

“It’s really all about Von Miller working out – they recorded his heartbeat and asked if we could do something with that… so I took the approach of finding a tempo from his BPM and built from there. Finding something new and fresh and different, like I always do when I go in the studio and work,” he said. Adidas is earning a reputation for their increasing innovations in athletic apparel, and the Pulse collection proves that they deserve it. You can purchase items from the Z.N.E. Pulse collection now at Adidas.com.