YG Wasn’t Thrilled When A Fan Brutally Dunked On Him In ‘NBA Live 19’

Getty Image / Uproxx Studios

NBA Live 19 has an ever-growing list of playable characters, some of which are well outside the usual purview of pro athletes. The game is all about inclusion, too with create-able female characters added last year. And with players like Future, adding a rapper to the game’s ranks isn’t that much of a surprise.

But a musician wearing dress shoes and socks? Well, that’s pretty unique. YG has officially been added to the list of celebrities you can play as in EA’s NBA Live 19. YG’s characters keeps his signature dress shoes and socks in the game. The game’s official Twitter account tweeted a picture of YG in the game wearing his signature footwear while in a Rockets shirt.

YG tweeted about the arrival of his virtual character, “peep the shoes.”

Fans had a lot to say about YG’s dress shoes in a basketball video game.

“Balling in church shoes are the new wave,” another fan shared.

But the shoes also made him a target. One fan was pretty excited about crossing him up and dunking on him in the game. YG didn’t seem too happy about it, but he did share the video on Twitter with some disdain.

“I got some Westbrook in me and some James Harden,” YG said in an interview with EA about his basketball style. “I’m serious, how I play, my heart, my drive, it’s like Westbrook, and I’m lefty like Harden. When I do my thing, it’s not regular, it looks different. People don’t really be knowing what to expect or how to stop it.” YG also confirmed he owns a private, custom-made Ferrari court where he invites his friends, family, and anyone who talks enough smack, to join him in the game.

Cream E Biggums is another celebrity that EA recently added to their list of playable celebrity characters. EA shared the announcement of the new character on Twitter Friday.