YG Pledges Allegiance To His Gang In The Cardinal-Colored ‘Suu Whoop’ Video

Fresh off his appearance in the bi-colored video for Nipsey Hussle’s “Last Time That I Checc’d,” Compton native YG returns to his roots in the predictably monochromatic video for his own “Suu Whoop.”

The first single from his upcoming album Stay Dangerous finds YG sticking to his usual script, representing his set and calling out all fakers, haters, and enemies while pledging his allegiance to the gang lifestyle. As he puts it himself, “Suu whoop my rag / I suu whoop when I’m mad / ‘YG, don’t you got a daughter?’ / Yeah, I’m a gangbangin’-ass dad.”

The video is stripped-down and straightforward, featuring YG and group of his associates posting up on the block, waving red flags, throwing up signs, and doing the eponymous Blood walk. Of course, it wouldn’t be a YG video if he weren’t whipping an expensive automobile through the street at some point, which he does with a hilarious Jheri curl wig on. It doesn’t hold a candle to G Perico’s actual carefully-styled curls, but then again, it’s probably not supposed to.

YG announced the title of his upcoming album at his All-Star Weekend concert, where he promised the album would make his “real friends real happy.” The title is a twist on the admonition to “stay safe,” since that’s nearly impossible when one lives the life that YG does.