Yo RealTalkNY Nevers Gets Love From The Media

06.25.07 11 years ago 70 Comments

Damn it’s getting annoying now. I peeped a few magazines shouting out sites, but now I’m watching TV and they are doing segments on some sites, WTF. Where is love?, the worst part is I am getting more or equal traffic than the sites mentioned. I don’t sweat it because I got the people behind me, but damn getting some exposure would be a very good look for the site, and make interviews a lot easier.

A young lady brought up the idea of getting the site on the 5ive, a new BET Show. I think it is a very good idea. So if your a fan of the site go to this site HERE, and request RealTalkNY get some exposure. Be descriptive and let them know why this blog is not like the other million blogs out there. We actually go to events and get our own pictures/video, we go to parties we are not invited to and just hustle are way in. Also we are not scared to talk about real issues from time to time, etc.

You can also hit up Vibe and let them know it would be a good look for RealTalkNY to have a blog on their site. Link

The same thing with King magazine. Link

You guys have any other ideas?

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