Young Thug Taunts And Offers Airline ‘Nappy Peasants’ $15,000 To Quit Their Jobs

Young Thug’s proving he can be just as obnoxious and “new money” as rapper Blac Youngsta. Last week, the CMG rapper offered a gas station employee $10,000 in cold, hard cash to quit her job. She obviously didn’t because she understands math better than Blac Youngsta. Now comes Young Thug pulling the same ignorant stunt on airline employees.

Jeffery was on his way to the Seattle, Washington stop of his HIHORSE’D tour on Wednesday when he somehow got into with two airline employees. Young Thug captured part of the confrontation on his Instagram and accused the women of trying to make him miss his show. In the video, Young Thug pulls out a Bentley bag of money and offers the employees $15,000 each to quit their jobs. Like Youngsta, math isn’t Thug’s strong suit.

“These two ants are so rude. They peasants. They say their manager on the way. I don’t want to talk to the manager,” Thug says before continuing harassing the women,”Y’all ants and the manager is a peasant. Y’all ants. I’ll give you bum ass hoes $15,000 a piece to quit your jobs. I’m giving you bums one more chance.”

One of the employees object to being filmed, but Thug instructs his cameraman to continue recording and to zoom in, specifically on the airline worker’s hair. “Their hair is nappy as a motherf*cker, Thugger continued. “They look like Africans. They done got deported. Do you bums need tokens or what?”

Thug has since deleted the video, but apparently “rude” airline employees are why Thug prefers flying private and not commercial. “THIS IS Y I RIDE SIGNATURE JETS,” he originally wrote in the video’s caption. “THEY TRYIN TO MAKE ME MISS MY SHOW!!!”

Update: Welp! Thug missed his show because of his “altercation” with the “civilians.”