Young Thug Took To Twitter To Say That He’s Changed His Name To ‘SEX’

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There’s a lot in a name. For Young Thug, aka Thugger, aka creator of NO MY NAME IS JEFFERY, one name isn’t good enough. It’s no surprise to see artists follow Diddy, aka Puff Daddy, aka Love’s footprints and change their name to whatever vibe they’re on at the moment. It’s a little surprising to see what Thug has decided to change his name too, however – SEX. He took to Twitter early this morning to announce that he was now going by SEX, and people should address him as such. There wasn’t much clarification or context for the name change, just two simple tweets. The hours in which he made the tweet suggest the inspiration.

Who knows if he will eventually take that one back. It’s got to be hard enough to break into the mainstream as Young Thug, who knows how much harder it would be as SEX. Other outlets have contacted his management for clarification, so ideally we’ll get some sooner than later. Elsewhere, his fans should probably be paying more attention to his previous tweets, which indicate he just finished a weeklong studio session. It’s only a matter of time before whatever he’s been working on reaches the public. Hopefully, they’re not snippets.