Young Thug Is Dropping A Singing Album And Drake Is The Executive Producer

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Just like that, Young thug is throwing his name back into the fold with the announcement of a new “singing” album dropping this week.

Apparently titled Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls, Thug looks to be going the direction of cuts like “Worth It” and “Pop Man” where he sings a bit more than he raps, sure to make a certain sect of his cult-like following happy. Thug didn’t announce any release date but Friday seems to be the likeliest day for the Atlanta rapper to release his newest LP.

With the release of his new single “All The Time” last week, and “Heatstroke” with Ariana Grande and Calvin Harris before earlier this month it was all but assumed he had a new project on the way and now it’s confirmed. Last year, Thug told XXL the more melodic qualities of his last project Jeffery were the “real” him, and that he’d be shifting towards making more music like that.

When I saw Thug in concert twice last year it was clear he was adding that aspect of his music to his live show as well. It came off a little clunky the first time around, but by the time he returned to the Bay Area in December he seemed to have a better grasp of how to perform those tracks and implement them into his set-list. With love so often a part of his content, it seems to be a natural shift for Thug and one I’ll be excited to see the results of.

Oh yeah, Drake is apparently executive producing the album as well. Whoa.