Young Thug’s ‘No, My Name Is Jeffery’ Dress Cover Upset One Rapper On The VMAs Red Carpet

When Young Thug (or should I say, Jeffery’ now) released his latest project last week, it definitely got some people talking about a few things. Now, of course, whenever a new tape from Thugger drops, it’s going to dominate the hip-hop conversation, but the album cover for No, My Name Is Jeffery’ definitely sparked something that wasn’t previously anticipated. As you may know now, the cover features a photo of Young Thug posed in what appears to be a dress. Some even compared the look to something outside-of-the-box that Andre 3000 would have worn back in the day.

Well, while reporting from the 2016 VMAs, Complex News hit the red carpet to ask some stars what they thought of the cover. Nadeska Alexis asked stars like Amber Rose, Desiigner, and A$AP Ferg their opinions and all offered different reasons to why they thought it was a creative idea. Rose thought it was righteous blow against toxic masculinity and a proud statement for equality, while Desiigner respected Thug’s daring choices as an artist. Ferg added that Thug was perfectly expressing his glam rock with hip hop style, but there was one rapper who was not on board.

“All The Way Up” rhymer Fat Joe was decidedly not feeling the look, at first adding some self-deprecating humor saying he’d never wear that. But then when asked about the larger political statement that a cover like that could make, clearly uncomfortable, Joey had enough and walked away. Perhaps a quick red carpet interview isn’t the best place to form a cogent thought on something that could be a lightning rod, but clearly he could have handled that better (or, it could have gone much worse, to be honest).

In any event, most of the thoughts expressed here were open-minded and positive. Yeah, there’s still a way to go, but let’s not ignore how far we’ve come.