Young Thug’s Fiancee Has A Few Thoughts About That ‘Two Brides’ Comment


Anything Young Thug does is destined to cause a stir. The Atlanta rapper caused a fair bit of head-scratching from jump with his delightfully warped take on trap music, and that only grew when he became famous enough to offer a glimpse of the man behind the music. So, when Thugga revealed that “there will be two brides” at his wedding to fiancée Jerrika Karlae — just a little while after he stunned us all (but mostly Fat Joe) with that gorgeous Jeffery cover — it all seemed to fit into our idea of what to expect from Thugga. But Karlae is pumping the brakes on the “two brides” story, saying that her betrothed said nothing of the sort during his interview.

Jerrika started off by letting Twitter know that she would be the only bride at her wedding.

“Two brides my ASS. Funny joke tho,” she wrote, before adding that she thinks Billboard intentionally distorted Thug’s quotes to make a more tantalizing story.

“I don’t like how people do interviews and then try to twist his words to make it more juicy. That shouldn’t be legal,” she said. “Billboard Magazine totally twisted Thug’s words. I was there the entire interview, never said any of that stuff verbatim.”

Billboard has yet to respond to Karlae’s accusations, but this seems like it’s far from over.