Young Thug’s ‘Friend Of Scotty’ Gets An Official Release And This Time It Has Ty Dolla $ign

Contributing Writer

With the constant barrage of Young Thug songs floating around the internet at all times, it’s hard to know if we’re ever really supposed to hear any of them. At least every once in a while there’s a release from a proper channel and you can rest assured, this song sounds the way it’s intended to sound. Take for instance, “Friend of Scotty,” a song that leaked over a year ago and sounds like it was created long before that.

Crafted by “Stoner” producer Dun Deal — and sounding much like it’s predecessor — the track became most renown for the, um, questionable line “no homo but my blunt look like a d*ck.” Well, it’s finally been given a proper release by Dun Deal himself and this time it features an opening verse from Ty Dolla $ign. Yes, the line is still there, and Thug’s nasally delivery is a dead giveaway that the track if pre-Rich Gang but for those needing another Thugger fix after “Gangster Sh*t” yesterday this should do the trick.

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