10 awkward and brilliant How-Old.net age results

Well, the internet has a new favorite toy: How-old.net, an app launched by Microsoft, is a service that asks you to upload photos of yourself so it can guess your age. We 

1. The Beatles hired Ringo so he could buy them beer.

2. Cher and Christina could've switched roles.

3. Even this Microsoft app is weirded out with Woody Allen's movie past and has ratcheted up Mariel Hemingway's age to make everyone more comfortable.

4. The Mona Lisa is just a basic unemployed college grad.

5. Whistler's mother is in her thirties yet still has to play granny roles. Come on, Hollywood.

6. Someone call Child Protective Services because the name “Baby” is a cry for help.

7. Samantha's right: Sex adds years to your life. Miranda's having one of her dry spells again.

8. Microsoft has just about had it with the Marcia/Jan feud.

9. And to those who say Madonna should have crushes on men her own age…

10. …maybe she already does.