10 dumbest TV moments of 2013: Lady Gaga, R. Kelly, Miley Cyrus, more

Many times I’ve heard people sigh about “the idiot box,” but often television rises so far above that dismissive label. But not always, and that’s fun, too! Here, the HitFix staff has rounded up some of the most truly head-scratchingly stupid TV moments of 2013. There are so, so many more, but we had to stop before our heads exploded.

If you’d like to really elevate this photo gallery, we highly recommend turning it into a drinking game. If you’ve seen three of the moments, take a drink. Five? Drink the whole thing. All of them? Turn in your television to the nearest authorities and pick up a book. It’s a good thing. 

What were the dumbest TV moments of 2013 for you?