10 observations about Madonna’s dark ‘Ghosttown’ video

1. It must be the apocalypse because Madonna looks exactly like Avril Lavigne. 

2. That photo Madonna kisses is of her late mother Madonna Fortin Ciccone. This has to be the first ever music video featuring two Madonnas.

3. When Madonna sits at that vanity and looks into the mirror, it's like she's admitting she's at the Annie Lennox “Diva” stage of her career. Here's to more balladry about broken glass. 

4. I'll say it: I like Madonna's grill. She's always made a habit of drawing attention to the gap in her teeth, and the grill indicates she's now interested in blinding you with her incisor situation. 

5. It is inspirational that Madonna's recent stage mishaps have not hindered her love of capes. 

6. That tango is pretty damn good. I'd applaud except I worry, fear, and dread that Madonna will do “Dancing with the Stars.” 

7. The apocalypse is, apparently, a lot like Madonna's recent Billboard fight with the “Empire” soundtrack. (The “Empire” soundtrack beat Madonna's “Rebel Heart” for the #1 spot on the Billboard 200.) Seriously, it's just Madonna and Terrence Howard after the world ends. The only person alive in the video to appreciate that irony is some little boy, who better be gay. 

8. I guess the only way to express your anger after the world ends is by hitting things with a golf club. Is this Madonna's first-ever video shout-out to Michael Jackson

9. This video needs way more dancing. All of Madonna's great music videos involve outrageous or intricate choreography (with the possible exception of “Oh Father”), and we get only a sliver of it here.

10. This song is fantastic. But this video is a little too P!nk to be one of the all-time great Madge moments.