10 Oscars we bet the Academy wishes they could take back

There is probably no peer organization that receives more blowback over their annual honors than the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.  There is rarely a year when at least one Oscar winner is deemed unworthy by the media or moviegoers.  Sometimes it’s a question of taste.  “Crash” vs. “Brokeback Mountain”? Boy,that’s a debate that won’t end anytime soon.  Either you love “Dances with Wolves” or “American Beauty” or you don’t.  Either you think Sandra Bullock was deserving of a best actress Oscar or you don’t.  Many times, however, there is no debate.  History is the greatest judge of all and the Academy has made a number of glaring mistakes over the show’s past 84 installments.  With that in mind, HitFix’s editors have chosen 10 winners that truly weren’t deserving in our eyes.  These aren’t necessarily the 10 most glaring mistakes, but 10 we would likely fix first.

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