10 People Who Need to Play Bond Villains

The James Bond franchise is one of our most faithful institutions, like Coca-Cola or Helena Bonham Carter's cloak collection. And it appears 007 will again rule the cineplex again thanks to the help of brilliant new casting: Christoph Waltz, the two-time Oscar winner who played one of the most horrifying characters of all time in “Inglourious Basterds,” has signed for a “major role” in the next Bond installment. It hasn't been confirmed whether Waltz will play a villain role, but I'd say that'd be a pretty dynamite idea, wouldn't you?

Waltz's casting reminds us of all the things that make a Bond villain fantastic: effortless nefariousness, the stature of a despot, and a creepy-as-hell laugh. Remember Louis Jourdan in “Octopussy”? Damn. Thirty years later, still chills.

Since we can guarantee the Bond franchise will continue for years and years, we need to start thinking about the major Hollywood players who belong in such esteemed, insane roles. Here are 10 folks we think should terrorize Daniel Craig in the very near future.