10 reasons we need ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ right now

Are you as excited for “The Dark Knight Rises” as we are? If you count yourself among the millions of moviegoers who watched and loved Christopher Nolan’s previous two Batman entries, the answer is probably yes. And given the rather dismal summer we’ve had up to this point – “The Avengers” and a couple of other bright spots exempted – it seems we need the Caped Crusader now more than ever.

With that in mind, the HitFix staff has put together a list of ten reasons why July 20 simply can’t get here soon enough. From the feline wiles of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman to Tom Hardy’s eagerly-awaited (and hopefully understandable) turn as Bane to…well, to the sheer brilliance of Nolan’s filmmaking, the movie event of the second half of the summer has us drooling with anticipation.

After scrolling through the gallery below for the full list, sound off with your own reasons in the comments! Also be sure and check out our “Dark Knight Rises” hub page, where you can find all the latest updates on the film.