10 Stories You Might Have Missed: ‘The Hunger Games’ theme park is a go

It”s official: “The Hunger Games” is getting theme park rides.

American fans of the dystopian YA series will have to travel a bit further than “Harry Potter” fans did for the Florida park. “The Hunger Games” rides will be in Dubai, as part of a LIonsgate zone in motiongate Dubai, a Hollywood-themed park that will open in October 2016.

The park will also include a live stage show based on Lionsgate”s “Step Up” franchise. No word yet on what other movies will inspire attractions or what the “Hunger Games” rides would look like. Maybe some archery virtual reality ride? A salon where you can get a Capitol-style makeover? A Victory Tour train ride around the park? Not sure how they”re going to simulate kids killing off kids though…

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