10 villians big enough to take on Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’

(CBR) Now that casting for Marvel Studios' “Ant-Man” seems to be almost complete, it's time for fans to turn their attention to the possible villains Paul Rudd's diminutive hero Scott Lang will have to face in his 2015 film debut. Ant-Man doesnt exactly have a rogues gallery on the level of Avengers heavy-hitters like Iron Man or Captain America, but there are some memorable monsters and evil-doers that could make for fantastic cinematic adversaries when the hero makes his way to the big screen.

While some of the villains listed below may seem a bit dated by modern dramatic standards, fans would do well to remember “Ant-Man” will be directed by Edgar Wright, a filmmaker with the right sensibilities and deft touch to make any threat entertaining. In Wright's hands, it's quite possible that not only would any of these villains work, but also prove to be one of the most formidable menaces Marvel has brought to the screen thus far. Without further ado, CBR invites you to take a peek back into the annals of Marvel history and find some Ant-Man villains for Wright and his cast to play with.