11 American Gods From The Book That Deserve Starring Roles On Starz TV Show


Neil Gaiman is notorious for writing insightful riveting pieces of fiction that hold up a mirror to society and manage to make us look at ourselves and not hate him for it. In fact, his works have changed many a life and helped mold the thinking of an entire generation or two of nerdy goths. But Gaiman's writing is also dense as hell and nearly impossible to adapt. Hence why things like 'Sandman' and 'American Gods' languish in development hell while scriptwriters beat their chests and gnash their teeth at trying to capture the layers of commentary hidden in stories about immortal beings.

But hope springs eternal. Recently Starz announced they are the latest network to try and wrangle the war between the Old Gods and the New that is 'American Gods.' Whether they'll start out with a retelling of the novel – with the war brewing between the deities that came with Europeans when they colonized America and the upstart gods we worship today instead – or strike out to expand the universe set up by Gaiman one thing is clear: these eleven gods* need prominent placement on the cast sheet.

*I had to reign myself in to less than a dozen lest I just name EVERY SINGLE GOD that Gaiman mentions. If I missed your favorite, let me know in the comments!

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