11 Things Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Do As the New ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Boss

So, even with Donald Trump kicked to the curb by NBC following some caustic comments about, well, everything, the network wasn't about to turn its back on a franchise that had just gotten so much free publicity. To that end, they found a replacement for the Presidential candidate – Arnold “I'll Be Back” Schwarzenegger. Apparently the thinking was that, given that Schwarzenegger never said anything insulting about women… wait, um, not so much. Google “sexist Schwarzenegger quotes” and seriously, Trump starts looking not-so-awful. What, casting a woman as top dog on this show was such a stretch? No, Joan Rivers wasn't available, but still.

Anyway, let's try again. Given that Schwarzenegger hasn't said anything insulting about women this week (at least not that we know of), he's a (moderately) safe bet. Here are ten things we're betting (hoping, dreading, your pick) Ahhh-nold might do once he takes control of the boardroom.