11 Things Nick Jonas is Telling Us With His New Photos

10.02.14 4 years ago

Nick Jonas just took a lot off for a photo shoot with Flaunt magazine, and the results are pretty inspirational. Much of it is an homage to Mark Wahlberg's famous photo shoots with Herb Ritts and Annie Leibovitz from the early '90s, but Nick's definitely projecting his own, um, confidence here. Let's take a look at his goods and then decode the 10 messages he's trying to send.


1. “Like these obliques? I call them my Disney channels.”

2. “Who's 'Mormon Zac Hanson' now, haters?”

3. “That's right, Justin Bieber. I've been training with your parkour coach. Nice guy.”



4. “Abs so hard you could pitch a tent on them and call it Camp Rock.”

5. “I'm totally over the time Selena Gomez told me my nipples were asymmetrical. That's in the past. Besides, they're perfect now. They're PERFECT. Get a protractor. You'll see.”

6. “Yeah, I know Zac Efron. It's nice to have a fat friend.”



7. “Call me a diabetes spokesperson because I'm advocating the PUMP.”

8. “Calvin Klein told me if I wore these undies he'd stop trying to date me.”

9. “Like my backwards cap? Thanks. Saw someone try it on the 'Suite Life of Zach and Cody' once. Pretty dope.”

10. “No, gays, I will not bend over and show you my other purity ring. Thanks for all your support though.”

11. “I think Robin Thicke seems cool.”

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