11 titles DC needs to give a New 52 revival

(CBR) For good or for ill, there’s no arguing that DC Comics New 52 has shaken things up since its inception more than two years ago. The publisher’s flagship series including “Batman” and “Justice League” have thrived, while critical darlings like “Animal Man” and “Swamp Thing” have found their niche and filled it well. Meanwhile, books like “Legion of Super-Heroes,” “Teen Titans” and “Stormwatch” have stumbled a bit in the reinvention process, some more than others.

Love it or hate it, the New 52 reinvigorated sales and interest for the publisher, and it’s safe to assume it isn’t going away any time soon. And why should it? Though some titles have had a rougher time acclimating to the new universe than others, there are still plenty of characters who have yet to make their presence known. Even some series that were around at the start only to be cancelled are just in need of finding the right combination of the new and the classic in order to be successful in today’s market. CBR looks at some of the characters and titles that would be a great fit for the DCU’s brave new world, adding to the texture and diversity that DC Comics has embraced over the decades.