11 TV Shows that Came Back from the Dead

The trend in zombies on TV isn't confined to the brain eaters of “The Walking Dead.” In the creatively bankrupt and risk-averse world of entertainment, studios regularly scavenge the vaults for content that can be dusted off, revamped, or updated for old fans and new viewers alike. Add content-hungry new providers like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu to the mix, and it's a free-for-all. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you. While sometimes it's a drag to see old favorites flogged past their due date, this can be a great chance for series that never got their due (or even simply time to tie up loose ends) to finally get the airtime they deserve.

While “The X-Files” is wrapping its short return tonight, other revivals waiting in the wings include “Twin Peaks,” “The Gilmore Girls” and “Full House.” Here are some of the other “zombies” that have already been revived, with  different (and sometimes surprising) results.