Star Wars shuts down sexist attitude towards ‘female’ armor on Facebook

If there was one thing I thought we all agreed on when it comes to “Star Wars The Force Awakens,” it was that Gwendoline Christie is ROCKING her look as the mysterious Captain Phasma. What”s not to like about an imposing figure stalking through the halls of the First Order looking shiny and chrome?

Apparently for some, the lack of molded breasts on the armor is a sticking point. This complaint was in full effect yesterday when Star Wars put up this fantastic piece of artwork of Phasma on their Facebook page.

Almost immediately a dude was complaining that he can”t tell there”s a woman under all that metallic armor. Usually comments like this are left to the winds of the Internet, screaming into the abyss. But not this time. This time, Star Wars responded. And it was glorious.

Preach it, Star Wars community moderator. Preach.

Oh! And just a friendly reminder that boob plate armor would kill you.

[H/T: Thibaut Claudel]

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