‘Twin Peaks’ is back! 12 reasons why Dale Cooper is still our dream man

Agent Dale Cooper is coming back to TV! This is exciting. We love Kyle Maclachlan's intrepid aw-shucks investigator, and to celebrate his return in Showtime's forthcoming “Twin Peaks” continuation series we're counting down 12 reasons why he's still our dream man, 25 years after the original series went off the air. And we're not just talking romantically – man or woman, gay or straight, the coffee-loving lawman boasts a huge number of admirable qualities that will appeal to basically anybody.

1. He is an optimist.

No matter how grim things seem, you can always count on Dale to lift your spirits with a “thumbs up” or an “a-okay.”

2. He exercises regularly…

And he's got the body to show for it. Keep doing those pullups, Coop.

3. …but isn't a health freak.

Have you heard he enjoys pie?

4. He's not afraid to let his inner child out.

Only a real man can spin on a diner stool this unabashedly.

5. He is handsome.

That chin! That smile! That hair! Take us now, Dale. Take us all.

6. He appreciates a good cup of coffee.

In case you hadn't heard, Dale enjoys a good cup of joe. That's a man we can get behind.

7. He's complimentary.

A DAMN fine cup of coffee.

8. He's open about his feelings.

In Dale Cooper's world, there is no room for macho.

9. He's intelligent.

Nothing gets past the Coop. Nothing.

10. He's deep.

Dale Cooper's mind knows no bounds.

11. He enjoys taking up new hobbies.

We love a man who never stops learning.

12. He's the friendliest guy you'll ever meet.

You can always count on Dale for a warm welcome.

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