12 Things the Kardashians Probably Texted at the VMAS

We all saw it — Kim Kardashian and a couple Jennerlings texted during the Ferguson tribute at the VMAs. Yikes. What is there to text during such a solemn moment? We guessed.


1. “Kim, stop calling Sam Smith your friend. We haven't heard his second single yet.”

2. “A moment of silence? For what? Who's Ferguson? He sounds like a dork.”

3. “Is there an emoji for not knowing who Ferguson is?”

4. “I saw Lorde fly once.”

5. “Kim, call Kanye. Should we interrupt someone? Seems like a lot of work. I'm so slow.”

6. “I'm sick of Beyonce relying on talent.”

7. “Bored. Can we do another ice bucket challenge rn?”

8. “One time I wore a ponytail. Ariana Grande is such a copycat.”

9. “I forget, did any of us make a music video this year?”

10. “I forget, are we on a TV show?”

11. “We're never getting invited to the Emmys, are we?”

12. “Wasn't Jessie J our maid?”