13 films we most hope to see at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival

In the same way that the day of the Oscar nominations is a bit like Christmas morning for a certain sect of film lovers, so it is with the announcement of the Cannes Film Festival lineup — which takes place on Thursday in Paris. Across the internet, you can find any number of comprehensive prediction pieces, as internationally inclined cinephiles attempt to guess (and second-guess) what Thierry Fremaux and his his team will select for this year's fest — and, almost as crucially, in what section they'll elect to place it.

Many of those guesses will be correct — Cannes has its favorites, while release dates can point out the obvious in certain cases — but there are always a handful of surprises inclusions and omissions too. With that in mind, I'm not attempting the forecast this year's roster, but instead offering up a wishlist of 13 films that I (and I'm sure many, many others) would really,. really, really like to see from the list of remotely plausible options. Some are dead certs, others are decidedly more up in the air. All have me curious.

[What films are you most excited to hear about from Cannes this year? Share your thoughts below.]