14 of the fakest celebrity retirements in history

It”s been nearly three years since Steven Soderbergh retired from filmmaking with the release of Side Effects. Then news broke this week that he”s making a film called Logan Lucky starring Channing Tatum.

Even those years of retirement from filmmaking weren”t really a retirement: Soderbergh kept busy directing for the small screen, with HBO movie Behind the Candelabra and both season 1 and 2 of Clive Owen show The Knick.

But he contended that he was done with projects for the big screen, telling The Hollywood Reporter as recently as this past October, “I don't have an interest in making another theatrical film unless my attitude changes or the business changes.”

Well, his attitude must have changed, if we”re to believe reports of this new project with Tatum and Michael Shannon.

The Ocean”s Eleven and Traffic director is one of many entertainers to declare they”re retiring, only to come back to the fray some years (or even some mere days) later. Here are 15 actors and music artists whose retirements turned out to be not-so-permanent or not-so-real.