15 amazing women who would be great to replace Craig Ferguson

Now that Craig Ferguson is the latest host to be leaving late night, having announced his plans to “consciously uncouple” from his CBS show, a lot of names are already being bandied about to replace him. Oddly enough, not many of them are women — a phenomenon we most recently saw when David Letterman announced his retirement last month.

Even though we're seeing plenty of funny women in scripted TV and in Web series, network late night hasn't had as much change behind the desk — it's been a long time since Joan Rivers' ill-fated talk show on Fox, after all. Just in case someone at CBS is scratching his (or her) head about who could possibly take over “The Late Late Show” from Ferguson (not that anyone, male or female, could replicate his loopy, shaggy dog charm), here are 14 funny women (and one wild card rocker) who could definitely do the job. You're welcome, CBS.