17 one-hit wonders in music, movies and TV who deserve our appreciation

One-hit wonders are often the subject of scorn in the media, which feels a little unfair – particularly when the one-hit wonder in question actually put out something good. Whether it be a blockbuster song or an award-winning performance or a charming turn on the small screen, their contributions to the popular culture remain timeless and endlessly relistenable/watchable long after the careers themselves have faded.

To celebrate these individuals, we've put together a list of 17 such entertainers and artists who made an indelible mark despite enjoying only a brief run at the top of their respective fields – from an Oscar-winning actress to a shortlived R&B star to a comedian who parlayed his gift for physical comedy into a turn as one of the most well-loved TV characters of the 1990s.

Check out our picks in the gallery below, then let us know which one-hit wonders are your personal favorites in the comments.