19 Movie and TV Women Who Kicked 2014’s Ass

It”s that time of year again! When the Internet is inundated with scores of subjective “Best Of” lists in an attempt to quantify 365 days worth of entertainment. When we distill a year”s worth film and television down to their very essence. All in easy to swallow, bite-sized format.

When looking around at the movie and television trends of 2014, a certain theme began to emerge. Across the board, badass women were popping out of the woodwork. But these were no Strong Female Characters™, those one-dimensional caricatures of femme fatales. Sure, some of these ladies kill with impunity, leaving swaths of dead Red Shirt™ enemies in their wake. But some of these women chose the road less travelled to the land of badassery. 

The one thing they all had in common? Every single one of them has flaws, backstories, and/or other foibles that are necessary to take ancient archetypes and elevate them into believable, real (fictional) people.