2014 Movie Trailer Awards: Honoring the Best Coming Attractions of the Year

Movie trailers! They're the only ads we care about.

Every year, filmgoers are assaulted with an ungodly amount of previews at the multiplex – only a few of which stand above the pack to give us something truly special. In 2014 there were a dizzying amount to sort through, but we've managed to narrow our “best of” list down to 16 that moved us, electrified us and just plain made our jaws drop.

To appropriately honor these glorified commercials, we've come up with a list of categories to honor their specific attributes: from “Best Close-Up” to “Best Voiceover” to “Best Use of Critical Blurbs” to the much-vaunted “Trailer of the Year.” Who will take home our imaginary trophies? Check out the gallery below for the full list of honorees.

What were your favorite trailers of 2014? Let us know in the comments.