22 Adorable Moments in One Clip of Drew Barrymore on ‘Ellen’

05.15.14 4 years ago

Drew Barrymore? Is back. She is in a movie called “Blended.”


Ellen DeGeneres let Drew come on her show to be adorable. Because after all Drew just had another daughter. A daughter named Frankie. I am in love with that adorable child and I'm giggling and clapping and chair dancing and sipping coconut milk, which I bet Drew LOVES.

Can you name all 22 times Drew was adorable in this clip?

1. Drew absently claps for the child she just had.

2. “It feels like a MIRACLE!”

3. “I feel so GOOD and HEALTHY.”

4. How perplexed she is when she says “My kid is HEALTHY?”

5. Drew has another daughter named Olive and Drew thought, “What goes with Olive?”

6. The name Frankie goes with the name Olive.

7. FRANKIE! Little Frankie.

8. Drew loves the name Pepper, “Like, so much.” PEPPER, Y'ALL.

9. “Olive and Pepper? Those are two things you find in a pantry.”

10. Drew and her husband picked the name Frankie, gave themselves time to change their minds, but they never did. 


12. Drew's mother-in-law's maiden name? Is Franco. She loves her so much.

13. “Ellen always gives me GUFF!”

14. Drew's daughter Olive really gets that she has a sister.

15. Drew's daughters? They already get along. “As of this moment, it's all positive.”

16. “Sunny and Sadie are the best names ever.”

17. Drew made Adam Sandler find a movie for them to do together.

18. “Oh no! I love your hair like that.”

19. Look at that hole in Drew's jeans. Love it.

20. She describes Adam Sandler as being “so good to everybody.”

21. “He's just a good person.”

22. Giggles! 

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