221 days until Star Wars: Colin Hanks would like to buy his daughter Princess Leia toys

Starting this September, Star Wars will be taking over toy store shelves in preparation for the 2015 Christmas season. But will there be any ladies?

Help us J.J. Abrams. You”re our only hope.

Thus was the plea of Colin Hanks on Instagram over the weekend. After introducing his 4-year-old daughter to Star Wars for May the 4th, a trip to the store was in order for a lightsaber and a Princess Leia doll. Of course, if you”ve been paying any attention to the dearth of women in both the Star Wars universe and their toy line-ups, what happened next won”t surprise you.


A photo posted by Colin Hanks (@colinhanks) on May 9, 2015 at 6:06pm PDT


This makes Hanks' the latest in a short line of celebrities who have been taking toy manufacturer's to task over the lack of female character options for their daughters (and sons). The other celebrity standing up for the action heroine has been Mark Ruffalo, who would like to see more Black Widow options on toy store shelves.

I've spoken before on the dangers of Leia's most recognizable look be one of enslavement. Personally, I'm all about some Princess Leia's OTHER costume from Jabba's Palace. Put THIS on an action figure!