This ‘Beautiful Creature’ could be the Star Wars’ young Han Solo


Is there any role in Hollywood right now that is under as much scrutiny as the casting process for Star Wars Han Solo spin-off? Whoever lands the coveted spot playing “Young Han Solo” has to channel the roguish charm of Harrison Ford, his mannerisms, and Solo”s unshakable optimism that he can get out of any scrape despite all evidence to the contrary. Those are large shoes to fill. Disney and Lucasfilm know this, which has to be why the casting process has been going on since the dawn of time. They have to get it right.

And now one actor has pulled away from the pack.

As reported by Deadline”s “inside sources”, Alden Ehrenreich has emerged from the screen test trial-by-fire as the current frontrunner. A relative newcomer to Hollywood – and whose name I keep accidentally writing as “Alderaan Ehrenreich” – the young actor is best known for his role as Ethan in the adaptation of Y.A. novel Beautiful Creatures.

Ehrenreich was also recently in Hail, Caesar! and is scheduled to appear in both the upcoming untitled Warren Beatty Project and Iraq war film titled The Yellow Birds. Ehrenreich got his start way back in 2005 as a guest star on Supernatural. He played Ben Collins in the episode “Wendigo.”

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