25 Years of Jennifer Lopez: A timeline of the high-highs and the J-Los

Jennifer Lopez is a hustler. Nearly 25 years ago, the former Fly Girl stepped on stage for “In Living Color” and since then her career path has taken her through a flow of entertainment highlights and low lights.

She's been a dancer, singer and songwriter; a comedy, rom-com, horror, voice and drama actress; she's appeared on the small screen and big, and on the biggest stages in the world, and at some of the most prestigious festivals. She's sung in Spanish and English, for an array of pop musics with some of the biggest producers and other vocalists on the planet. She's led shows like “American Idol” and run TV from behind-the-scenes as an executive.

But those many forays haven't been met with 100% pure success. Lopez' career and personal life — which has, at many times, been closely tied to her work — has taken some hits.

This week, fans will see horror film “The Boy Next Door” and decide for themselves if it's a high or a low for J-Lo. As for the near-future and the two-and-a-half decades before, we've made a timeline for how the nabe's been for Jenny From The Block.