27 Superhero Cosplayers Who Went The Extra Mile At Comic-Con 2014

Obviously half the fun of going to a comic convention is seeing all the impressive costumes fans make to pay homage to their favorite characters (the other half is shrieking in delight over panel news or celebrity sightings or a really good deal on bottled water). But of some actually MAKING said costumes and reaping the respect of the comic community is where it”s at.

San Diego Comic-Con is where cosplayers pull out the big guns. It”s the Oscars of costume design and everyone is ready to fight for the title of Best Cosplay. I rounded up some of the best including TWO that were too fantastic to be captured by mere still photography. 

This Iron Man is probably as close as we can CURRENTLY come to making Tony's suit a reality.

Bumblebee was swarmed by starry eyed kids – and kids at heart – who had to get their picture taken with the Transformer.

After the jump, see 24 more fans who found the best expression of their love is with craft foam, a sewing machine, and a lot of body paint.