286 days until Star Wars: Deleted scene shows C-3P0 was a ruthless killer

03.06.15 3 years ago


Obviously not every scene makes it into the final cut of any film. Sometimes a key component of a character”s personality is sacrificed to the gods of cinema, whether to cut down runtime or any other numerous reasons. The celluloid gods are cruel, and strike without mercy.

Fans the world over know Threepio is a fatalistic protocol droid who is basically channeling an uptight Victorian butler. But we”ve been duped. C-3P0 is a cold, calculated killer who will do what it takes to save those he loves.

In this deleted scene, edited together with the final footage, everyone is on the run as the Rebel base on Hoth is invaded by stormtroopers. Seeing an opportunity to give Han and Leia more time, C-3P0 makes a instinctive decision.

Yep, our bumbling protocol droid ripped the “WARNING: WAMPA INSIDE*” sticker off the door and left the hapless Stormtroopers to their fate. Hilariously, when one of them gets snatched – “GET OVER HERE!” style – both their fellows and Darth Vader seem unfazed. Whoever the faceless Red Shirt™ was, s/he was not well like by their peers.

*Anyone versed in Galactic Basic Standard able to read what it actually says?


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