5 reasons why new series ‘Broad City’ is going to be awesome

Comedy Central’s new show “Broad City” premieres tonight (although the first episode is already available to stream online), and it just might be an instant classic. Adapted from a web series created and starred in by UCB-ers Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, the show so far is funny, relatable, and hits all the right notes. Here are 5 reasons why this is a must-watch.

1. Ilana and Abbi don’t make deep, grand statements about the world. This show will draw inevitable comparisons to “Girls,” and while the young-broke-women-in-NYC premise matches up, the tone of “Broad City” is completely different. Instead of trying to be profound, the writing simply concentrates on being funny. And the tone is spot-on.

2. Amy Poehler is executive producing this! And when has Amy Poehler ever been involved in something that wasn’t amazing? About the show, she said: “I feel like Abbi and Ilana are like this really specific, special voice. So if in any way I can help make that a little louder, that’s exciting for me. And my goal has always been to work do good work with good people, and this feels like an example of that.”

3. The brilliant comedian Hannibal Buress is in it!

4. That guy has given it his seal of approval on the Comedy Central website!

5. That is Fred Armisen in a diaper.

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