5 Times Pixar Made Me Cry

Pixar is at it again, ladies and gentleman. They”ve created another endearingly emotional CGI-animated extravaganza, and this time it”s very self-aware. By “self-aware” I mean that it is an endearingly emotional movie about endearing emotions. “Inside Out” is a movie about actual emotions who have been re-interpreted as human beings.

I haven”t seen “Inside Out” yet, and here”s why: Pixar movies make me cry my eyes out. I”m sure that soon I will cave and decide to go watch it, but for now I”m still just trying to recover from the last few times Pixar made me cry:


Wall-E was a tragically sad movie. Mankind has abandoned earth because it is covered in trash, and Wall-E is a garbage-collecting robot who has been left to clean up the mess. He lives a very lonely life. Then he meets EVE, a sleek girl-robot and he falls in love. When EVE turns off and Wall-E doesn”t know why, I got emotional. When he stands by her side, protecting her from harsh weather conditions even though she is unresponsive, I cried lots.

•Toy Story 2

Don”t even get me started on this movie. Toys who have been abandoned are just the saddest thing, right after people and animals who have been abandoned. When Jessie”s owner Emily throws her under the bed and replaces her love of horses with a love of makeup, Jessie watches, neglected, confused, and heartbroken. One day, Emily”s makeup rolls under the bed and she sees Jesse there. She picks her up and Jessie is so excited to be loved again. Then, Emily drops Jesse off in a box of junk and Jesse is faced with the brutal reality that she is no longer loved.  Still makes me cry to this day.


This entire movie made me cry from beginning to end. I probably cried the hardest at the beginning montage where you get to see true love in motion. I don”t think I knew what true love was until then.

•Monster”s Inc.

Obviously the most emotional part of this movie is when Sully (monster), has to return Boo (little girl) to the realm of humans. A special bond has grown between them, and she”s like a daughter to him. To prevent her from sneaking back into Monsters Inc, the company has to shred her door, which means he will never see her again. After a heartfelt goodbye scene where Sully himself has tears in his eyes, Boo goes to check in her closet for him, and sees that he really is in fact gone.  

•Pixar Introduction

Before every Pixar movie when the desk lamp jumps over to the word “PIXAR” and crushes the “I” to death, that always makes me a little sad. It might not make me cry, but it definitely sets the tone for the emotional rollercoaster I know I”m about to experience.

You might think “Inside Out” looks like a harmless movie about getting to know your emotions, but before you go see it, keep in mind that the people at Pixar are manipulative heart string pullers who design movies to make you cry. That”s right, they actually WANT you to cry. So, if that”s the kind of thing you”re into, by all means go see “Inside Out”, just don”t say I didn”t warn you.