6 best moments in Jennifer Lopez’s steamy new video for ‘First Love’

Jennifer Lopez”s stunning new black-and-white video, “First Love,” features her in the desert with Dolce & Gabbana model David Gandy, who is hotter than the Mojave and also seems around the same age as Lopez.  Though she lives in a shack,  she has her love to give her everything she needs. The Max Martin-produced track is the new single from JLo's June 17 release, “A.K.A.”

Here are the video”s six best moments:

(0:01): Lopez”s opening voice over: “I knew I had to leave the world behind me to find out who I was,” she says, adopting a deeply philosophical tone. “I knew if I went far enough and left everything behind I would find you.” This plays over scenes of Lopez in formal wear, carrying a designer purse, in high heels as she strolls out into the desert.  so she”s not really leaving “everything,” is she?  (Just water). Plus, she seems to have brought a complete wardrobe with her to the desert.

(0:38): Her white knight arrives, not on a trusty steed, but on a hog, like something out of “The Wild One.” Lopez has shed her formal wear and is apparently napping in the middle of the desert…or she”s collapsed. We”re not sure. Regardless, Dolce & Gabbana model David Gandy makes the desert even hotter.

(2:25): Her shirtless man carries around a truck tire for no reason other than to show his bulging muscles. Wait, that”s actually reason enough. Never mind.

(3:18): Do we really have to say it? The man”s face is gorgeous.

(3:38): Lopez calls upon all her acting skills as she manages to sing the panting lyrics without cracking up, “You made me wanna ride again ‘cos I wanna hear you say my name again,” as she thrusts up against a wall.

(Throughout): Thou shalt not kiss JLo: You may nuzzle, caress, and hold her, but you may not kiss her on the lips. As the pair gropes each other up against a wall, on a bed, and in the desert, there”s a lot of laying on of hands and neck nuzzling, but he is never allowed to kiss her on the lips. Not even a peck. And you must always keep your eyes on her, while she is allowed to look directly into the camera any time she chooses.