6 Things We’d Love To See at ‘N Sync’s VMA reunion this Sunday

Following the New York Post”s report that ‘N Sync will reunite at MTV”s Video Music Awards on Sunday (Aug. 25), speculation is running rampant about the boy band”s first performance together in 10 years.

MTV isn”t confirming, but the Post presents the news as fact (not that that makes it true), but Timberlake has already been announced as a performer (and recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award), so it would seem a cinch to get his former bandmates, J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick to join him.

The NY Post adds fuel to the fire by noting that the foursome were all at Timberlake and Jay Z”s Aug. 16 performance in Miami. What a perfect time to rehearse, right?  (On a separate note, we saw Fatone Aug. 15 in “Celebrity Autobiography” in Los Angeles – a show where actors read aloud from other celebrities” autobiographies-and he was hilarious. Great comedic timing).

If the reunion is true, we hope it”s got more teeth than the Destiny”s Child Super Bowl reunion earlier this year.
Here are our six suggestions:

1. ‘N Sync covers Timberlake”s “Sexyback” with their trademark robotic dance moves, then segues into Timberlake”s “Cry Me a River” with their beautiful harmonies. Or ‘N Sync’s “Gone” into “River” works.

2. The group recreates their  “Bye Bye Bye” video, complete with their performance as marionettes on a string and Chris Kirkpatrick”s bright orange jacket and the anti-gravity moves.

3. The boys perform a mash-up of “Mirrors” and “This I Promise You.” They”re both about finding a lasting love, right?

4. They are brave enough to come out with their hair styles from the “I Drive Myself Crazy” era. If you have scrubbed that from your brain, Chris Kirkpatrick was sporting the helicopter dreads on tops of his head (what was he thinking) and both Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake”s hair was so platinum blond it glowed in the dark.

5. They salute boy bands from the past, including the Jackson 5 (They could go from J5″s “I Want You Back” into their same-titled song) and New Kids on The Block”s “Step By Step.”

6. ‘N Sync starts with their own tune and then calls up the members of One Direction to officially pass the boy band torch, ending the performance with “Best Song Ever.”

 What do you want to see?